tower cranes

ZEIPL offers a range of world class tower cranes for wide-ranging applications in infrastructure & construction projects. Tower cranes are typically standard pieces of equipment. The models can be selected and configured to suit the demands of a particular project site in terms of the type of foundation, jib length and height.

ZEIPL’s dynamic manufacturing capability enables product customizations as per the customer’s requirements. We offer a complete range of standard and high capacity tower cranes ranging from 4 tons to 240 tons, in Flat Top, Hammer Head and Luffing Jib types.

Product Range

Salient Features

  • Solar powered obstruction light. No cables and zero maintenance.
  • Self-climbing mechanism with anti-drop device for safe jacking operation.
  • Climbing frame with platform for easy and quick self-erection.
  • Quick change mechanism for switching between wire rope falls. This enables handling of heavier loads at low speeds and lighter loads at high speeds with the same crane, thus enhancing productivity at the construction site.
  • Limit switches for hoisting, slewing and trolley movement.
  • Anti-twist device installed on tower cranes for wire rope longevity.
  • Trolley with safety features such as wire rope breakage protection, axle breakage protection and wire rope guides.
  • International standard electrical components used, along with durable electrical control cabinet to withstand the most hostile site conditions.
  • Load limiter as well as moment limiter provided to ensure safe operations.
  • Ladder with safety cage and rest platforms for convenience of operators and maintenance personnel.
  • Ergonomically designed and user-friendly 'Space capsule' operator cabin which provides the operator with a wider field of vision.
  • Modular connections of the counter jib and main jib to the slewing module ensure quick assembly and dis-assembly, saving time and effort.

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